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Location of Job: Weymouth, MA
When: Jul 10, 2019
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Home Wall Interior Painting
call or text Call: 781-243-3936
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Brief Explanation

What Did We Help Out With For This Customer's Painting Project?

A customer in Weymouth had us come out and help paint a portion of their home that they needed help with for some time.

The interior walls that they wanted to repaint were in a downstairs storage room that was way too outdated for 2019.

This room was covered in a splotch-patterned orange color that wasn't to most flattering palette choice available for this particular space.

They decided to start fresh by having us paint the interior walls of this room a fresh, clean white all around.

We also painted their door frame, window sill and various wooden wall accents in the same sleek and sophisticated white as the rest of this room.

Once all of our work was complete, our customer was exceptionally pleased with our work and mentioned that we were some of the best painters that they'd ever had the pleasure of working with.

We're the most reliable and recommended service around when it comes to interior Home Wall Painters in & near Weymouth, MA.

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Weymouth, MA
Client Testimonial
He arrived ON TIME to provide the estimate and we were both impressed with him. The first day and every day his crew was on time and worked all day. They did an excellent job and we are very pleased. If you are looking for… ~ Janet Weeks - Hanover, MA

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1. What's Our Servicing Radius Look Like Though?


We're one of Norfolk County's most reputable and reliable painting contractors.

We proudly service The Entire Weymouth Area, and several other locations as well such as:

- Hingham

- Braintree

- Norwell

- Hanover

- Milton

- Scituate

- Duxbury

- Plymouth County

- And Many More.

Not sure if our servicing range is able to reach you?

Then give us a quick call to see if your home isn't too far out for our professional, home painting services.

2. We're A Legitimate Business, Right?


We Most Certainly Are Indeed!

We've received numerous accolades on a variety of reputable, customer-centric platforms that attest to our services.

It's clear to see that we're a quality establishment that's proud to provide customer-centered painting services at all times.

We're happy to make public our Contractor Licensing Number which is: MA HIC 193227.

ProShield Painters is a legitimate painting business that you can take confidence in hiring.

3. How Experience Are We As Professional Painters?


We have More Than A DECADE of home Interior Painting Experience!

We've seen just about all there is to see regarding these specific types of painting projects, so there's very little out there that's able to take us by surprise at this point.

To make matters even better, every single person that's a part of our painting staff is ReliableOn-Time and above all, Respectful Of Your Living Space.

That's how we've been operating since day one, and that's still how we operate to this very today.

So give us a call today for Reliable Painting Solutions That Satisfy!

4. But Do We Offer Convenient Payment Methods?



We're an exceptionally convenient service in that we accept a wide variety of payment method types such as cash, check, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and yes, even American Express.

Additionally, we're proud to provide our customers with Customizable Financing Options so that anyone can hire our services.

No matter how big the job or tight your budget may be, we're confident we'll be able to find a financing option that works best for you.