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We have received 36 Reviews, Averaging 4.92 Stars.

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Bree Toland

Weymouth, MA

Date: Jun 18, 2019
ProShield did a great job painting the interior of my condo! Bruce is very responsive and available to answer any of my questions!
"ProShield Did A Great Job!"


Weymouth, MA

Date: Apr 4, 2019
ProShield Painters did an excellent job painting my decks and railings. The price was very reasonable and they got the job completed very quickly. Bruce, the owner, was prompt and thorough in his communications. Highly recommend!
"Did An Excellent Job Painting My Decks And Railings"

Robert Angeli

Marshfield, MA

Date: Aug 29, 2017
I was impressed by the quality of the work and the price. They were helpful with the paint selection, the brand I needed and the type of paint. The job was easy to schedule. Communication was rather challenging at first but did get better. Good details and craftsmanship. Super nice workers and very professional.
"I Was Impressed By The Quality Of The Work & The Price"

Sean Hayes

Marshfield, MA

Date: Jun 15, 2017
Finished in a day and a half. Would make sure they saw the white primer before they painted over it. Owner is nice and made sure things were not left unfinished.
"Made Sure Things Were Not Left Unfinished"

Gilda Castillo

Randolph, MA

Date: Nov 21, 2016
The whole project was neat, clean and professional. My neighbor's cars were covered while the job was being done, as they were away during the project. I was so surprised how fast the whole project went. I did ask for my shutters to have an extra coat, and it was done with no problem. Also, we didn't have to pay until the job was complete and we were happy. Bruce had told me this in the beginning when I asked how and when we were to pay. I didn't have to worry about the job not being completed or my questions that needed answers. Bruce was available by email, phone or texting.
"The Whole Project Was Neat, Clean & Professional"

Pam Kalen

Whitman, MA

Date: Jun 27, 2016
Helped me with my exterior painting. I'd certainly hire them again.
"I'd Certainly Hire Them Again"

Jeff McMaster

Pembroke, MA

Date: May 18, 2016
Very pleased with my new Painted deck. Was on-time, responsive, & professional.
"Was On-Time, Responsive, & Professional"

Michael Hession

Cohasset, MA

Date: Jan 6, 2016
The painting and renovation was amazing. It went great!
"It Went Great!"

Linda Daly

Duxbury, MA

Date: Dec 2, 2015
The working crew that came out was excellent. They did a really good job at a fair price!
"They Did A Really Good Job At A Fair Price!"

Andrew Hurley

Natick, MA

Date: Oct 1, 2015
Time will tell, but all seems good!
"All Seems Good!"

Recent Jobs

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Job Details

Location of Job: Weymouth, MA
When: Jul 10, 2019
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Home Wall Interior Painting
Brief Explanation

What Did We Help Out With For This Customer's Painting Project?

A customer in Weymouth had us come out and help paint a portion of their home that they needed help with for some time.

The interior walls that they wanted to repaint were in a downstairs storage room that was way too outdated for 2019.

This room was covered in a splotch-patterned orange color that wasn't to most flattering palette choice available for this particular space.

They decided to start fresh by having us paint the interior walls of this room a fresh, clean white all around.

We also painted their door frame, window sill and various wooden wall accents in the same sleek and sophisticated white as the rest of this room.

Once all of our work was complete, our customer was exceptionally pleased with our work and mentioned that we were some of the best painters that they'd ever had the pleasure of working with.

We're the most reliable and recommended service around when it comes to interior Home Wall Painters in & near Weymouth, MA.

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Weymouth, MA
When: Apr 25, 2019
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Residential Kitchen Oak Cabinet Painting
Brief Explanation

Why Didn't They Choose White?

We recently helped out with the total transformation of a couple's plain oak kitchen cabinets by helping them become absolute glimmering works of elegant, grey-stroked art.

While white kitchen cabinets are all the rage right now, especially for homeowners in the New England area, it certainly isn't a catch-all, win-all solution for every customer out there.

In this specific married couple's case in which we helped, they didn't quite want the feel of plain white cabinetry in their home.

Instead, they ended up being lead towards a quite luscious and sophisticated blue-grey slate color choice which helped to catapult their kitchen from the mid-1970s straight into the fresh, modern year of 2019.

We perform this type of service a fair bit, so we know by now what tends to work best, what doesn't, and how to make every residential cabinet painting project look as if it came straight out of a housekeeping magazine.

No matter how old or new your cabinets may be, you're bound to receive amazing results once you choose us to help out when it comes to Oak Cabinet Painting in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

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After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Weymouth, MA
When: Mar 27, 2019
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed:
Brief Explanation

Where Did This Project Take Place?

We recently repainted a Luxury Shoe Store near our home town of Weymouth.

Thankfully, the reason for us coming out to paint the place wasn't because there were any blatant issues with the previous paint job or any peeling occurring.

The owner of the store simply thought that her establishment had been long overdue for an updated look, and we couldn't have agreed more.

We ended up transforming the store's look from a tamed, beige brown into a sleek jet-black that really helps to make the rustic brick backdrop and hardwood flooring pop.

This color choice even helps to furth accentuates these designer, dark-toned shoes since many of the display models mostly appeared to come in black, brown, or a soft carmelized leather.

We're the best choice when it comes to retail & store Business Painting in Weymouth, MA.

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