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We have received 36 Reviews, Averaging 4.92 Stars!

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Can You Relate To Any Of These?

  • Paint's Peeling And Scabbing Away
  • Water Stains Are Everywhere
  • Your Home Looks Old And Worn Out
  • Cracks Keep Getting Bigger
  • Color's Flaking & Falling Apart
  • The Surface Is Rough & Run Down

Bad Siding Can Make A Home Look Old & Unkept

Don't Let Your Siding Paint Suffer!

We're Sufficient At Painting Siding!

Siding Painting That's Speedy

Give Us A Call, and we'll likely help Within 24-48 Hours, if not sooner in most cases.

We never book in more customers into our schedule than we're capable of handling.

Additionally, we believe you shouldn't have to wait forever and a day in order to receive quality painting services.


Professionals With Good Personality

Bruce, the Owner & Operator here at ProShield Painters, will answer your call today.

He'll help find an appointment time that works best around your specific schedule.

He also loves answering any and all painting questions that you may happen to have too.

Expertise That Can't Be Beat.

1,000's Of Quality Painting Projects Completed

- Family-Friendly Painters That Respect Your Home

- Over A DECADE Of Painting Experience

That's how We're Weymouth, MA's Favorite Home Siding Painters!

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Siding Painting's Never Been So Easy!

1. Open 6-Days A Week

2. A+ Accredited Rating from the Better Business Bureau

3. Locally Owned & Operated Service

4. Fully Licensed & Insured Home Improvement Contractors

5. Quick And E-Z Scheduling

6. Super Service Award from Angie's List

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Recent Reviews

Bree Toland

Weymouth, MA

Date: Jun 18, 2019
ProShield did a great job painting the interior of my condo! Bruce is very responsive and available to answer any of my questions!

"ProShield Did A Great Job!"


Weymouth, MA

Date: Apr 4, 2019
ProShield Painters did an excellent job painting my decks and railings. The price was very reasonable and they got the job completed very quickly. Bruce, the owner, was prompt and thorough in his communications. Highly recommend!

"Did An Excellent Job Painting My Decks And Railings"

Robert Angeli

Marshfield, MA

Date: Aug 29, 2017
I was impressed by the quality of the work and the price. They were helpful with the paint selection, the brand I needed and the type of paint. The job was easy to schedule. Communication was rather challenging at first but did get better. Good details and craftsmanship. Super nice workers and very professional.

"I Was Impressed By The Quality Of The Work & The Price"

Don't Let Your Paint Become Faint!

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ProShield Painters Weymouth

Weymouth, MA 02191

We Help With All Your Home Painting Needs.

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Siding Painting That's Precise!

Some painting companies may refuse to give you number amounts until you commit to their service.

We, however, do not operate like this here at ProShield Painters.

Once you give us a call, we'll be happy to come out to your location and give you a professional, in-person painting estimate in both a timely and respectful manner.

Furthermore, we're always conscious in providing superb paintings to every customer without being susceptible to extreme price disparities either.

After all, painting a the siding on a $350,000 home shouldn't cost 3 times more than painting the exact same siding on a $100,000 home.

We're honest painters that provide all of our customers with consistent, reliable value that's certain to satisfy.


If Your Exterior Siding Paint's Already Starting To Peel Away,

Then The Problem Will Get Larger Before It Gets Smaller.

Don't Let Things Go From Bad To Worse!

The easiest difference between interior paint that peels and exterior paint that peels is due to one simple word: Water.

Rain, snow, thunderstorms, an early morning dew, all of these natural occurrences in the element are like constant trips to the carwash for your paint, and not in a good, squeaky clean kind of way either.

Once water vapor is able to accumulate, it then separates the paints and primers from the attached surface.

This leads to cracking and all sorts of peeling.

And as a result, water that gets into small cracks soon turns them into bigger cracks, and so on.

We're What's Best For Your Siding!

Call Now To Schedule Your Informative Siding Consultation.

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ProShield Painters Weymouth

Weymouth, MA 02191


1. Is Our Service Professional And Reliable Though?


We Most Certainly Are Indeed!

ProShield Painters has worked on 1,000's of projects over the years and has helped local customers realize the home exteriors of their dreams.

We're a Fully-Licensed & Insured painting company that's proud to provide Workman's Compensation to cover all of our experienced painting staff.

Additionally, We Hold Ourselves To The Highest Standards Possible, and as such, we do our best to use only the most top-tier painting products, techniques and equipment available at all times.

Every one of our completed projects displays our signature of quality residential painting that's done correctly with both patience and integrity.

You can trust that once you hire us to help meet your exterior painting needs, you're hiring a professional and personable service that truly cares.

2. What's Our Servicing Radius Look Like Though?


We're Norfolk County's #1 local, reliable home siding painters.

We proudly service The Entire Weymouth Area, and several other locations as well such as:

- Hingham

- Braintree

- Norwell

- Hanover

- Milton

- Scituate

- Duxbury

- Plymouth County

- And Many More.

Also, we're punctual professionals that always strive to be on time for every painting appointment.

No matter how close or far away your project may be from us.

Not sure if you're within our range though? Then give us a quick call to see if your home isn't too far out for our professional, home painting services.

3. Any Tips To Help Stop Siding Paint From Peeling?


There are indeed certain measures that can be taken to prevent this unfortunate occurrence from happening to your home's exterior.

It's highly recommended to add new coats of paint on a day that's dry and free of any humidity, and never after a recent rain.

We make sure to keep this in mind for every siding painting project that we assist with.

Also, moisture that's trapped underneath a layer of paint is much more problematic versus moisture that's trying to get in.

Another great tip is that starting off with a strong paint in the first place versus a cheaper one is going to yield a much more durable coat that will last longer and require less touch-up in the future.

But given enough time, even the best paints and primers will still need to be updated at some point with newer, stronger ones.

Thankfully, we'll be happy to help you out should that time come eventually.